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Welcome to the Wise-Nano project, a collaborative website to study the facts and implications of advanced nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is developing rapidly, and its implications are unknown. This is a site for researchers worldwide to work together, helping to build an understanding of the technologies, their effects, and what to do about them.

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Hot Debates

CRN Global Task Force: Is molecular manufacturing too dangerous to allow? What limits are needed and can be found? What might our future look like?

Slope of technology curve: Will exponential production arrive as a sudden leap in technology or will it fit in the incremental growth curve of progress?

Should people be required to die at some point, as nanotechnology extends health to 100, 120, even 200 years?

Is there a Secret U.S. molecular manufacturing project, or is the U.S. government clueless?

Does molecular manufacturing need any breakthroughs, or just lots of R&D?

Global Admin debate: Will global administration be necessary? Intolerable?

Early MM Pros and Cons: Is it wiser to develop molecular manufacturing ASAP, or delay it?

Recent Projects

All Projects...

Nano_Dove_Organization A proposed organization to generate and disseminate useful technologies

Research scorecards help determine what nanoscale research is really relevant to molecular manufacturing

Bootstrap Project Investigates possibilities in development toward molecular manufacturing

Security Policy Implications of Nanotechnology

International Research Cooperative Proposed treaty to create an International Nanotechnology Research Consortium

NIAC: Aerospace products Chris Phoenix and Tihamer Toth-Fejel study nanofactory-built aerospace products for a NIAC grant.

Nanofactory engineering Design work for the nanofactory, its support hardware, and its CAD software

Survey of Nanotechnology Issues Broad-scale overview of questions and possible answers regarding early Drexlerian-style nanotechnological developments.

Post-MNT civilian defences Diamondoid constructs to safeguard civilian population centers during a (potential) post-MNT war.

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